I have retired from teaching photography; my job is done.

I am no longer taking bookings, sorry.
Picture sales will continue.
Thank you to all my previous students and I hope you learnt something useful.

Wrist Strap

Handmade in Leather to my own design and specification.

Oh, do I get flack from other photographers for the fact that you will rarely find a neck strap attached to my camera. I find them annoying and constantly in the way. I like to point out that in 45 years of shooting, the only time I ever dropped a camera was when it was around my neck on a strap and the strap broke

Neck straps are cumbersome, dangerous and get in the way. Use a wrist strap to safely carry your camera and be ready for that instant shot.


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Tammo & Kerstin - Bristol - June 2015

"We met up with Derek down by the harbour and there he went through setting up the camera and the basics of managing light in photography (ISO, shutterspeed and aperture) and basic principles of composition.

Most of this I already knew, but it was great for Kerstin to get her head around the basics and her confidence up. Derek has a lovely relaxed approach and wry sense of humour which made a potentially dry subject very enjoyable.

After the introduction, we had a leisurely stroll up and down the harbourside, stopping to take pictures along the way. Derek would point out opportunities for shots, how to compose them and how to set them up. This is where I really learned a lot as well.

When we got back we had a look through our haul of shots and Derek gave Kerstin a quick intro to post-processing in Photoshop. All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable day. Derek is knowledgable enough to offer insights to all levels of ability. He is a great teacher that can convey tricky concepts with ease and fun. And he can accommodate different levels of ability at the same time".

Laina Pattni - East London - April 2015

"Thank you so much for the course. It was a really great day, and I went away feeling really positive and motivated from your encouragement and feedback. You've definitely helped me with certain skills and already I am working on some techniques you got me to focus on".

Jane Mella - L.A. California, USA - July 2014

"I am writing this to thank Derek for a very informative (and fun) learning experience through my one to one photography lessons.

I went ahead and booked my lessons. I found Derek to be professional and very enjoyable and easy to talk to. I asked ALL the questions I wanted (and usually more than once) and would get answers to the most basic questions and I wasn't made to feel stupid for asking! I found him to be very patient with me and he very much balanced out the theory with the practical; walking me through the basics that I needed to know.

I have had a number of lessons now and feel much more confident with my camera - I understand it so much more. I now know what I am looking for in a shot and am now able to separate the important elements from those that are not. And, of course, have more control on the shots I WANT to get.

Also, Derek was fantastic in taking me through Adobe Photoshop, which was invaluable.

I cannot recommend him enough. He is a true professional, he knows what he's doing and imparts that knowledge to YOU so that you can get the shots you want to get, thus creating the magic you want to create".