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Laina Pattni - East London - April 2015

"Thank you so much for the course. It was a really great day, and I went away feeling really positive and motivated from your encouragement and feedback. You've definitely helped me with certain skills and already I am working on some techniques you got me to focus on".

Jane Mella - L.A. California - USA. July 2014

"I am writing this to thank Derek for a very imformative (and fun) learning experience through my one to one photography lessons.

Firstly, I want to say that the proof of the pudding is in the eating, right? So, when I was deciding where to go in Bristol for my one to one photography lessons I was very interested in looking at what the various websites had to offer. I found Derek Rigg's website to be head and shoulders above the rest. It is extremely clear, informative and aesthetic. It was obvious to see that his own work was fantastic showing different subjects from landscapes to architecture and I instantly knew he was the one for me.: what he displayed were the shots I wanted to be able to take.

I went ahead and booked my lessons. I found Derek to be professional and very enjoyable and easy to talk to. I asked ALL the questions I wanted (and usually more than once) and would get answers to the most basic questions and I wasn't made to feel stupid for asking! I found him to be very patient with me and he very much balanced out the theory with the practical; walking me through the basics that I needed to know.

I have had a number of lessons now and feel much more confident with my camera - I understand it so much more. I now know what I am looking for in a shot and am now able to separate the important elements from those that are not. And, of course, have more control on the shots I WANT to get.

Also, Derek was fantastic in taking me through Adobe Photoshop, which was invaluable.

I cannot recommend him enough. He is a true professional, he knows what he's doing and imparts that knowledge to YOU so that you can get the shots you want to get, thus creating the magic you want to create".


Sharon Vaughan - Bristol - April 2014

"I found the course very helpful. You did exactly what I asked, which included not being overly technical with me and I must say that it has inspired me to take it all a lot more seriously!

So, in hindsight, now I wish I had read up a bit more and understood a little more before I met you but I think it's a chicken and egg situation. Now I've bought the books and am reading all I can on line. I'm now practicing daily if I've got the time and enjoying it (even if friends and family run and hide when they see me coming) so no doubt you will see me again perhaps next year when hopefully I shall be a little more capable!

Thanks a lot
P.S. The new lens is really good, thanks for the advice."

Pete Wadner - Bristol - June 2013

"Being married for 40 plus years my wife has bought me quite an array of Christmas presents, the day I spent with you came 2nd only to the Grand Prix at Silverstone. I can recommend your 1-2-1 experience and have already done so to a number of friends. If you are reading this whilst trying to decide whether to take a course in photography then here's why you should choose Derek.

1. As you can tell I am getting on a bit so patience is needed, Derek has this in abundance, especially for those low down shots.

2. Information and "How To" books are written in gobbledygook Derek speaks in plain English

3. Do you want a fun day with plenty of humor and when not taking photo's intelligent conversation, especially over lunch.

4. His knowledge of not only my camera and lenses but photography as a whole is immense, his enthusiasm and passion for photography really shows through as he explains complicated issues simply.

5. The pictures I took on the day still amaze me, my wife even liked them,

6 Finally, yes I will be booking a follow up course once I have mastered all the tricks and tips Derek gave me on a very good day out, Glad I booked the good weather.

Many Thanks Derek, see you later this year."

Karen Gilks - Bristol - April 2013

"I was lucky enough to receive a 2 day course with Derek as a present. I spent 2 full days learning at my pace and what I needed to know. Derek is an excellent tutor, he is very knowledgeable on all aspects of photography, a friendly sociable person, I was a little further on than total beginner and after 2 days I felt confident in fully understanding my camera functions, composition of shots to get the best picture and slowly learning Photoshop. I am now trying long exposures. I would fully recommend Derek, I thoroughly enjoyed the tuition, fantastic having one to one and following at your own pace. Thank you Derek"

Samantha Deane - Bristol - December 2012

"I would definitely recommend Derek's course. It is great to have one and one tuition and tailor the day to your requirements. I definitely feel more confident with my SLR and can't wait to get out again and take more photos. As well as being a very good teacher, Derek is great company so you are guaranteed to have an enjoyable day."

Mike Smithies - Weston super Mare - October 2012

"What an informative and enjoyable day. Derek took me to the next level in my photography in a relaxed, friendly and well informed approach.
With the one to one its your level, your pace and your needs. Definitely recommend."

Rachel Simmonds - Bristol - September 2012

"Much appreciated your patience and learnt so much more than the group course I did in June (what a waste of money). It was fun and enlightening and now totally inspired to get out there and use the techniques you demonstrated. In my opinion, 1-2-1 is the only way to learn. Thank you and would not hesitate to recommend you."

Nikki Vigor - Bristol - February 2012

"Thank you Derek for a hugely inspiring day! As a beginner I was unsure whether this was the right course for me but my concerns were soon allayed. Your expert guidance and tuition was perfectly judged for my level of ability and your relaxed style instantly put me at ease. You have taken my understanding of photography to a completely different level and I look at the world through transformed eyes.

My images have already improved dramatically and achieving the results I have always dreamed of now feels within my grasp. I would recommend this course to anyone. I wish I had done it years ago!!"

Rick Winter - Portishead - September 2011

"Thank you for your time and patience on Friday. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and learned so much from it.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others.

Very much appreciated."

Jez Jerome - Bristol - June 2011

"I attended a 2 day course with Derek, his patient teaching style was hugely appreciated, he delivered exactly the course I was after, giving me an introduction to HDR photography and I came away from the course not only with a deeper understanding of the craft but with some truly stunning images of which I am very proud.

I highly recommend Derek to anyone looking to improve their understanding and develop their skills either with the camera, with photoshop or more importantly in how they can visualise the picture before it is taken."

Kevin Gough - Bristol - May 2011

"Having recently decided I would like to pursue photography as a hobby (and splashing out a fair bit of cash on a new DSLR) I felt I needed to get some expert advice.

I searched for local photography courses and Derek’s website caught my attention.
The quality of his images is very impressive, so I decided I would give it a go.

The days course was relaxed and Derek is a very likeable fellow (at no point did I feel ‘in too deep’ nor patronised).

Derek has opened my ‘photographic eyes’ and I can honestly say that I am now seeing everything in a completely different way.

Light, contrasts, textures and colour are all around when you look for them.
I was very self-conscious about wandering around with a reasonably sized camera and tripod but time spent with Derek has allowed me to put that fear to rest.

Since the course (8 weeks ago) I have taken hundreds of images (quite a few ‘keepers’) and my confidence is growing daily.

I am thoroughly enjoying developing my new skills and feel that Derek’s input has given me the best start one could wish for.

Thanks Derek"

Victor Howlett - Corsham - November 2010

"Firstly, many, many thanks for such an excellent day. I really appreciated all the help and expertise that you gave me in such an enjoyable, relaxed and yet professional way. You were great company too and such a good sense of humour!"

Robin Bradley - Southampton - November 2010

"Got the disc with my course pictures - many thanks. I must say Im quite impressed with the results.

Many thanks for the day, which I enjoyed very much indeed. I wrote down again the important points on the theory that doing so would kick start the left side of the brain and between left and right sides they might stay.

I wont forget the help and support while were in SA."

Bill Johnson - Bristol - October 2009

"Just wanted to say what an enjoyable day we had with you yesterday. Lynne and I both got some great pictures in spite of the awful weather, which I know you can do nothing about. We both know our cameras a lot more now and will try to use your advice when we can. Thanks and kind regards".

Andy Jones - Cardiff - September 2009

"Wish I had you with me when I went to Florida to 'snap' the shuttle take-off. After a magic day with you I feel I should now head back to the USA and wait for the next blast-off. Many thanks".

Elliott Hudson - Exeter - October 2009

"I think that if you study and practice the techniques Derek explains, you’ll eventually be able to mentally ask yourself all of them very quickly, almost instantaneously and get amazingly better shots. What others perceive as talent, is often just knowing the techniques, hard work and practice and the techniques on this course is a perfect way to learn both. I will try to practice one technique at a time over the course of a year and I guarantee my images will look tons better".

Bridget Cottrell - Frome - September 2009

"I was a little nervous about the day my partner had arranged for me as I am only a beginner but I must say that my nerves soon disappeared and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. My results were better than I could have hoped in such a short time and the print is now framed and hanging in 'HIS' study. Thank you and hope to come back for a refresher".

Bridget's Framed Picture

Elaine Gardner - Wells - November 2009

"Beautiful weather and a day on the Mendips, magic!. Just wanted to say thanks for a helpful and enjoyable day. Your advice is paying off and I can't believe the pictures I'm getting".

Andy Johnson - Birmingham - March 2010

"Thanks Derek for opening my eyes for the first time. I was a point and shooter now I'm a think about it, plan and then a point and shooter. You have transformed my picture results. The silhouette picture of the trees at Lansdown, Bath, is the best I have ever taken, fantastic. I must get 'er in doors' to go on one of your courses now so that she will know what I'm babbling on about. Would highly recommend you".

Picture taken by Andy Johnson

Pat Kelly - Bristol - September 2010

"I would like to thank you for a great photography lesson. It ironed out a few questions I had re ISO and f-stops,aperture setting and compositional use of light and perspective. In the end I left knowing Im a better photographer and motivated to get out and practice more. The tips on Adobe CS were also insightful and showed how with the subtle use of burning and dodging and careful cropping your pictures come to life.

I would have no qualms in recommending this course to anyone that wanted to improve their photography skills and wanted an enjoyable way to do it."

Chris White - Bristol - August 2010

"As for feedback, I’m not sure why Kate chose you initially but once I’d seen your site and looked at the material you sent through, I was very happy with her choice. The day was about the right length I feel and I guess it massively depends on the weather as to how many times you stop but it was really useful discussing possible shots along the way with you. I think you gave me a good level of information at the start of the day and reinforced that throughout the practical part of the day. My only thought – and it’s very tricky on the small screen of the camera – would be to look at the photos with you more frequently to get feed back on the last few shots taken and how they might be better? That said, this really is the only constructive criticism I could come up with, I really enjoyed the day and felt I learned a great deal! Thank you!"

We Flash any Lash - Weston-super Mare - June 2010

"I just like to say thank you for agreeing to display your photographs in our salon and how much interest we have had in them.

We have received lots of positive comments and impressed remarks regarding the originality of your work. Everybody loves the fact that they are mostly local scenes, therefore the majority of our clients have a childhood memory they can relate to.

We have currently run out of your business cards, as nearly every other client requests one. I have referred several other interested clients more recently, directly to your website, in order for them to place an order for their desired print.

Several of our ladies think that they would make an ideal Father's Day Gift, being very unique and relevant. One lady wishes to post one to her family in Canada to remind them of home. How lovely is that?

We wish you continued success and look forward to promoting many more of your unique views, as we replace our diminishing display of pictures we've sold.

Once again many thanks for your commitment, help and advice. Your natural talent and eye for an interesting or unusual vista has definitely enhanced our working environment.

Sent with very kind regards"

Galice Cooper

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